Business Support Office

Business Support Office of the University of Kragujevac was established within the TEMPUS project WBCInno, at the decision of the University Council of 29 April of 2014. year, in order to research and innovation potential of universities make available the business environment and to support the development of the ideas of researchers and students.
In addition to mapping the potential of the university, its presentation within the catalog (printed and online), the staff of the Office is involved in the development and maintenance of collaborative platforms for innovation management ( to gather and develop ideas and entrepreneurial ventures in the university environment.

Office Objectives:
  • Provide unique access to university knowledge and resources that are offered to the business environment
  • Develop and maintain a platform for innovation management
  • Collect, present and promote university research and innovation resources to on-line web catalog
  • Encourage students to creative thinking and development of ideas.
  • Provide logistical support to the development of business incubators and technology parks in the Western Balkans
  • Prepare specific reports and statistical data for decision making in the management structure of the University
Office activities:
  • Collection of data related to the research and innovation capacity of universities
  • Promote university research and services using and updating catalog of research and innovation potential of universities
  • Establish and maintain a database in the form of on-line catalogs with tools to search and prepare special reports (administrator-level and user-level)
  • Providing unique access to university resources, equipment, training, research results, patents and licenses that are offered to the business environment
  • The establishment of public-private partnerships and the promotion of modernized services of the University
  • Development of partnerships with enterprises and connecting researchers and students with business partners
  • Supporting and strengthening the ties with business incubators and technology parks
  • The organization of the competition for the best student idea
  • Maintaining a web platform for the innovation management
  • Combined market share of the other units that deal with the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Participation in the process of improving the university regulatory documents and procedures
Decision on the establishment of Business Support Office of the University of Kragujevac

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac, Serbia
                Object A, Room AP-31
Phone: +381 (0)34 501201