Knowledge Transfer Center

Knowledge Transfer Center was founded on 6th October 2012 at the University of Kragujevac within the realization of the TEMPUS project KNOWTS "National Platform for knowledge TRinagle in Serbia", no. 158881-RS-JPHES.

The main objectives of the Center are to facilitate and coordinate knowledge and technology transfer at the University of Kragujevac, analyse and assess the technical and commercial potential for innovations, provide necessary assistance to researcher in the process of protecting their intellectual property, organize training sessions in this field, and enable networking and internationalization of the research results through establishing of the proper data base.

The main objectives and tasks of the Center:

  • improving the opportunities for the effective and efficient application of research results of the University with the aim of the economic and societal development
  • encouraging knowledge transfer between universities and industry
  • supporting marketing of new technologies and innovations
  • linking relevant entities, establishing networks and collaboration in order to intensify technology transfer
  • developing knowledge and skills in the field of protection and exploitation of patents and other forms of intellectual property in the process of technology transfer
  • raising awareness on intellectual property and increase the capacity of technology transfer at the University
  • providing general information on intellectual property
  • expertise and support in the development of technological and economic feasibility study and assessment of the value and total potential in the use of patents
  • assistance in the creation of new innovation centers, incubators, business and technology parks established by the University and the faculties of the University

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Miladin Stefanovic
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac, Serbia
                 Object A, 1st Floor