Lifelong Learning Centre

Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Kragujevac was established in 2010 within the Tempus project "Development of Lifelong Learning Framework in Serbia", coordinated by the University of Kragujevac. Lifelong Learning Centre is aimed at creating the institutional preconditions for the improvement of formal and informal learning opportunities in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal development.

Since the lifelong learning represents one of the priorities in knowledge-based society and economy, it is necessary to open the education towards broader population in order to successfully respond to challenges brought by the process of globalization. Among others, the Centre also has the aim to establish partnership among all relevant stakeholders: the state and its bodies, enterprises, local communities and educational institutions.

By organizing the round tables, conferences and similar events, the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Kragujevac initiates the social dialogue, and by analyzing the employers’ needs for new knowledge and skills at the labor market, it directly motivates the individuals to constantly improve at professional level and gain new applicable knowledge and skills.

Coordinator: Dr. Marko Slavkovic
Address: Faculty of Economics, Kragujevac, Serbia