Erasmus+ Alumni

Lifestyle, Involvement and Studying Experiences
in Campus During the Stay Abroad

I spent one semester in Almería, which is the city in the South coast of Spain, studying and adapting to the culture and a completely new lifestyle.

Erasmus in Kragujevac, Greek perspective
My name is Marios Samanis and exactly one year ago my Erasmus experience started

Kolarević Pavle - Personal Erasmus Report
This second semester of master I will never forget, I had very good time. By choosing Timisoara, I made a perfect choice.

9 months of Erasmus in Kragujevac
Hi, I'm Casto Fernández, this past academic year I studied for 9 months at the Kragujevac Engineering Faculty with an ERASMUS scholarship...

My Erasmus in Kragujevac is the best experience of my life
Eleni Gkovedarou, a student from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on a mobility at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac

Middlesex University, London, Staff training week participation
Report from the 11th Annual Erasmus+ International Staff Mobility Week, Middlesex University, London, Great Britain

11 out of 10 for a mobility in Kragujevac ;)
My E+ experience in Kragujevac, Serbia was Simple great...

A quick hello from Spain :)
We just want to say you that this is the best life experience...

Erasmus is not just one year in your life, it’s your life in one year!
Erasmus in Poland, Gliwice, testimony from students of Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering