Contest for the entry of the students into the first year of the study program Sports, health, and bioengineering for the acquisition of the professional title analyst and coach of sports • 40 self-financed students in Serbian and English language CONTEST CONDITIONS That individual who has finished four years of high school (any courses and professions) and passes the entrance exam can enter the first year of the first level of higher education. All candidates will undergo the determination of the health and physical status by the authorized medical board. If there are contraindications for the studying, the candidate cannot access the entrance exam. The candidate that consciously conceals their health status is responsible for the possible consequences, and if that is uncovered during the entrance exam, the candidate will be disqualified. The board must also receive the assurance about the overall health competence that is issued by the authorized health facility. CONTEST DEADLINE According to the deadlines given in the joint CONTEST for the entry of the students into the first year of the first level of higher education, for the year 2024/25. CRITERIA FOR THE DETERMINATION OF THE RANKING OF THE CANDIDATES The order of the candidates is determined according to the unique ranking list. The list is formed according to: 1. THE OVERALL GPA ACQUIRED DURING THE HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION 2. THE RESULTS ACHIEVED ON THE EXAM FOR THE CHECKING OF THE OVERALL INFORMEDNESS AND ABILITY The maximum number of points that can be acquired by the evaluation of all activities is 100. The GPA acquired during the high school education is worth 40 points and is calculated by multiplying the number of the average grade from each year with 2. [(5+5+5+5)х2= 40] The exam values 60 points and includes the test of the general knowledge (20 points) and motoric tests in the chosen sport (40 points). The entrance exam contains the evaluation of the technique of the chosen sport [basketball (throwing and catching the ball, leading the ball with the change of direction, two-step, jump shot), football (catching and throwing, leading the ball with the change of direction, juggling, goal shot with left and right leg), volleyball (finger play, serving, the spike, the dig), handball (throwing and catching the ball, leading the ball with the change of direction, jump shot from the distance), athletics (walk – all types, sprinting, long jump, high jump, ball throwing), dance (Latin American dance), martial arts (karate – choosing kata, boxing – moving, defense, hitting, and sparring), judo (sparring), tennis (serving, forehand, backhand), gymnastics (parter – minimum 6 elements). CATEGORIZED ATHLETES Categorized athletes are eligible for the sparing from the test of motoric abilities, in accordance with the achieved sports results). Categorization is performed by the University board according to the Policy of national categorization of the best athletes by the Ministry of youth and sports of the Republic of Serbia and the Policy of the criteria for the categorization of athletes by the Sports committee of Serbia. The candidates that have acquired the best athlete status (the names are listed in the publication of the Sports committee of Serbia about the categorization) or the athlete of the I junior level (athletes that have performed for the junior representation of the Republic of Serbia at the Youth Olympics, World Cup, European Cup, Balkan Cup, Mediterranean Cup, or the athletes who have won the first place at the Junior Cup of the Republic of Serbia) are eligible for the sparing from the motoric abilities exam and get the maximum number of points, During the categorization of the athletes of the I junior level sports results achieved during the previous 2 years are counted. During the categorization the participation in OPEN contests, friendly matches, tournaments, cups, cups of other classes, and similar ones, are not taken into consideration. During the application for the contest, the applicants must bring the documentation which proves their achieved results. During the application for the contest, the applicants must fill in the form – to request for the category acceptance and say what they would like to be spared from. Tuition for the country residents – 100.000,00 RSD. Tuition for foreign students – 4.000,00 EUR. The fee for the application, the entrance exam, and the ability tests is 10.000,00 RSD, and is to be sent to the bank account of the University of Kragujevac 840-1128666-12. The application of the students will happen during the period from 17.06.2024. to 26.06.2024. at the Centre for the Career Development, Liceja Kneževine Srbije street, number 1a, Kragujevac. Full documentation can also be scanned and sent to the email address studentska.sluzba@kg.ac.rs. The candidates who apply via email must bring the original application and documentation to the test of the general knowledge. The general knowledge test will be held on 01.07.2024. The applicants will be notified about the date and location of the ability test.   THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION During the application, candidates must bring the following documents: application paper (can be downloaded here); photocopy of the birth certificate; certificates from all high school grades (original and photocopies); medical certificate with the opinion about attending the University (no older than 6 months); proof of the payment for the fee for the exam of the evaluation of inclinations and abilities. certificate of the English language knowledge if they apply to attend the lessons in English. decision about the nostrification of high school documents or the receipt that the process of nostrification has begun (for the candidates who have foreign high school documents or who have finished the program of international prom).   The foreign candidates, during the application, must bring the nostrified diploma of the finished four-year high school or the certificate from the Ministry of education that the nostrification of their school documents acquired abroad has begun. certificate that they have a command of Serbian language; translation of the birth certificate; foreign students are self-financed. Everything that is not covered in this contest will fall under the regulations of the Joint contest.
June 17, 2024

VI International Staff Week held at the University of Kragujevac

Within the VI International Staff Week, the University of Kragujevac hosted professors and colleagues, representatives of partner universities from 10 countries.
June 3, 2024

WICT ME in Serbia held at AAI 2024 conference at University of Kragujevac

WICT ME in Serbia was held as part of the The Third Serbian International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence (SICAAI). Among participants there were a lot of representatives from tech-based companies, members of Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IVI), and lecturers from University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, and University of Niš.  This diversity was instrumental in spreading awareness about the project's goals and the courses' content. Key aspects presented were the wishes and needs of the students determined with R1 Report on in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art in the area of DS and AI, and the courses developed under the R2 DS/AI courses developed.
May 24, 2024