Local transportation

One of the beauties of our city, and Šumadija region in general, as that city center is usually smaller and everything you might need is within a walking distance. However, if you need or want to use local transportation you can take a bus or use taxi services.

Local transport: The price of a bus ticket depends on the city area and it can be bought on the spot. You can buy tickets for one ride (no matter how far you go as long as you don't change the bus inside of the city):

  • For a ride in A-zone (city center) ticket costs 60 dinars/0.5 EUR
  • For a ride in B/C and D-zone ticket costs 70 dinars/0.58 EUR
Also, you can buy monthly tickets:
  • A-zone (city center)monthly ticket costs 2400 dinars/20 EUR
  • B-zone monthly ticket costs 2800 dinars/23 EUR

For issuing a monthly ticket you will need certificate from the University (confirming your exchange student status), copy of your passport and a photo. The costs of issuing transport ticket is around 3 EUR.

Monthly tickets can be bought at:
City traffic agency
Address: Kralja Petra I No.17
Phone: +381 (0)34 300371
E-mail: podrska@gas-kg.com
Web: www.kgbus.rs/red-voznje-3/ (info available only in Serbian)

Taxi services: You can find taxi all around the city, or you can call them. The list off registered taxi services in Kragujevac can be found here.

You will be charged start fee (50 dinars/0.4 EUR) and 55 dinars per kilometer/0.5 EUR.

We recommend to have the address written down, although many taxi drivers speak fair English.