University of Kragujevac achieved exceptional results in the field of the internationalization of the University

Higher Education Reform Experts Team (HERE team) organized a conference on the topic "Challenges in higher education - Internationalization", in Belgrade on May 15th 2018. Over 80 representatives of the academic community, teaching staff of state and private higher education institutions, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia participated in the Conference. The results of the survey conducted by the Western Balkans Alumni Association were presented on this occasion. According to this research, the University of Kragujevac is ranked second, after the University of Belgrade, with the highest number of realized mobilities at the national level.

The poll included the participants of the international mobility programs and the results reflected the general state of the internationalization at Serbia universities, as well as the opinion of alumni students in regard to the internationalization of higher education institutions in Serbia.

The Department of International Cooperation of the University of Kragujevac received the highest marks for the offered services and conducted activities in the area of internationalization, thus holding the leading position in Serbia with a score of 4.23, followed by the University of Novi Sad with a score of 3.44, the University of Belgrade 3.12 and the University of Niš with a score of 3.05.

According to this survey the University of Kragujevac was also ranked as the first HEI when it comes to the objectives of the internationalization strategy.