Quality assurance and improvement

The University of Kragujevac is dedicated to ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of its educational and scientific work in a transparent and accountable manner. This means that each faculty has developed and maintains periodic internal quality assurance policies and procedures that include, among other things, curriculum evaluations, assessment of teachers’ competences, student satisfectory surveys, inspection of classroom and laboratory space and equipment, etc.

At the University level, there is a University Commision for Quality Assurance whose task is to to maintain the highest standards of teaching and research allowing students to experience excellent learning opportunities, The Commission also monitors whether the University continues to meet national standards of QA in higher education, as well as Standards and Guidlines for QA in the European Higher Education Area. The Commission is headed by:

Prof. Dr. Marija Stanic, an associate professor at the Faculty of Science
Prof. Dr. Katarina Melic, an associate professor at the Faculty of Philology and Arts (Deputy Head)

Finally, at the state level, there is Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (CAQA), formed in 2006 by the Law on higher education as an independent body of the National Council for higher education. It is the only formally recognised body responsible for the external quality assurance for higher education in Serbia. CAQA runs two types of evaluation processes: accreditation of higher education institutions and study programmes and externalquality control of higher education institutions (auditing). In the accreditation process (both initial and periodic) CAQA establishes the fulfillment of the minimum standards, while in the external quality control CAQA evaluates the development of the quality assurance mechanisms within the HEI based upon its self-evaluation report.