Demand for housing in dormitories regularly exceeds the available capacities and the admission to student dormitories is not administered by the University of Kragujevac.

Considering the above mentioned all international students are using private accommodation during their exchange period at the University of Kragujevac.

Private accommodation is available at very reasonable prices. The average price for single room apartment is between 150 and 200 EUR per month (depends on the location and amenities) excluding monthly utilities.

Below, you can find the list of websites where you can search for your accommodation.


The International Relation Office can provide assistance in finding accommodation. Additionally, all international students will have support from our Buddy network.

Students who are not sure about signing a contract with a private owner can always reach International Relations Office of the University of Kragujevac. We will directly contact the owner of the apartment in order to check if its valid.



Students that are studying in one of University of Kragujevac’s dislocated units should consult the International Relations Office about their accommodation.

The dislocated units are:

Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak
Faculty of Mechanical and Civil engineering in Kraljevo
Faculty of Education in Jagodina
Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak
Faculty of Education in Uzice
Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjacka Banja


IRO contact:
phone: +381 34 300 425