About the University

University of Kragujevac rose from the foundations of the Lyceum of the Principality of Serbia, the first higher education institution in modern Serbia, established in Kragujevac by the decree of Prince Milos Obrenović on July 1st, 1838. Its first rector was Atanasije Nikolic (1803 – 1882). The Lyceum of the Principality of Serbia planted the seed of higher education from which first modern higher education institutions originated in the beginning of the 1960s.

University of Kragujevac was founded on May 21st, 1976. At that time the University incorporated 5 faculties and 2 research institutes. Today, it has grown to comprise 12 faculties and 1 institute dispersed in six towns of the Central Serbia region: Kragujevac, Čačak, Jagodina, Kraljevo, Užice and Vrnjačka Banja. However, the University managed to turn this into one of its most distinctive advantages which allows it to use economic and geographical potentials and human resources from the territory which spreads over an area of 5000 square kilometers and has about 2.5 million citizens.

Today the University of Kragujevac is a modern education and research center embracing almost all major areas of teaching and research, with a student population of 18.000 and 1.200 academic staff.

The University Library is also a member of the University of Kragujevac. It is a library of general scientific character whose activities are in the function of teaching, scientific and research processes at the University. In this way, it contributes to the successful practice of study, dissemination and affirmation of knowledge, educational and scientific creativity of professors and associates of the faculties and institutes of the University of Kragujevac.

The University integrates the functions of all faculties and its organizational units by carrying out the unique policy with the aim to constantly promote higher education activities, improve the quality of teaching process and educate scientific, research and art offspring.


The University of Kragujevac is a generator and driver of innovations in the field of education and research which through the internationalization encourages the synergy of all University members, giving the strong contribution to the strengthening and improvement of University’s reputation in the country and abroad.

The University is a partner recognized by international higher education and research institutions, with highest academic standards which provides students, teachers and researchers with the opportunity to acquire general, scientific and artistic knowledge and skills in compliance with the needs of the society and planned regional and national development that through scientific and creative process provides the advancement of society at large.


By realizing international activities, the University will strive to provide its teachers and researchers with the most favorable research environment, and its students with opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and competences that will raise their competitiveness not only at national level, but also at European and global labor market, and within the academic community at the same time.

Through mutual cooperation among faculties within the University, their students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff in the area of international cooperation, the University of Kragujevac tends to provide best conditions, mechanisms and procedures that will encourage and support the realization of activities necessary for the process of internationalization.