Centres of Excellence of the Univeresity of Kragujevac

University of Kragujevac Centres of Excellence is one of the largest investments into resarch and sience in Serbia funded by the European Investment Bank and co-financed by the City and the University of Kragujevac. The total value of the investment is 15 million euros.

As the leader of scientific research in the region of Central Serbia, the University of Kragujevac, with the help of Republic of Serbia Government, initiated the construction of the Centre For Stem Cells Research and Stem Cells Bank. Their construction and equipping will lay the ground for the development of multidisciplinary scientific research, involving not only scientific research from the area of medicine and biomedicine, but also from the areas of biology, chemistry, technical and engineering sciences, biomedical engineering and other related fields.

By constructing and equipping the Centre for Stem Cells Research and Stem Cells Bank, the Republic of Serbia will for the first time create conditions for preserving and researching stem cells of its citizens, on its territory and by its experts, at the institution founded by the Republic itself. This will be immeasurable strategic contribution to protecting national interest, not only through the development of science, but also through preserving the genome of its own nation. The significance of the construction and equipping of the Centres will facilitate the multidisciplinary character of scientific research, connecting different scientific disciplines, researchers from different areas, as well as scientific and other institutions to which the Centres will provide logistic assistance and support. In this way, the Centres will also provide the location and framework for the industrial development of this region, practically playing the role of a Scientific and Technology Park.