Student Parliament

Student Parliament of the University of Kragujevac was established in November 2006 in accordance with the new Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University of Kragujevac. The Parliament consists of 36 members, three from each Faculty of the University of Kragujevac. It is constituted every year in the month of April, after conducting elections at all Faculties within the University.

The leadership of the student parliament consists of the president, vice president, deputy president and secretary of the student parliament.

Parliament has ten departments which are in accordance with departments of SKONUS (Student Conference of the University of Serbia) and they are:

  • Department for teaching and higher education
  • Department for culture
  • Department for cooperation with the economy and public institutions
  • Department for international and inter-university cooperation
  • Department for public relations
  • Department for sports and recreation
  • Department for science
  • Department for student standards
  • Department for environmental protection
  • Department for humanitarian work

Student Parliament proposes a Student Vice-Rector to Rector of the University.

Student Parliament delegates representatives to the Council and the Senate of the University of Kragujevac, i.e. five members of the Senate and three members of the Parliament.

Student Parliament proposes three members of the board of the Student Center (SC) in Kragujevac, one member of the board of Student Cultural Center (SKC), two members of the board of the Commission for University Scholarships, two members of the secondary disciplinary Commission etc.

Student Parliament of the University of Kragujevac cooperates with all organizations, associations and institutions that are members of the University or are closely related to the University, such as:

  • Health supporting institutions
  • University Sports Federation
  • Student Center
  • Student Cultural Center
  • Career Development Center
  • and other

Student organizations and associations

At the University of Kragujevac, there are several organizations operating in accordance with the University:

Students' events

The number of extra-curricular student actions in terms of social responsibility, culture, ecology, humanitarian work and sport set us apart from other university centers.

Some of the actions of students of the University:

"I'm a donor, are you?"
University of Kragujevac is the first higher education institution in Serbia who initiated the action and started signing donor cards. At the University of Kragujevac in one day 120 donor cards were signed which represents a record.
More information can be found here.

"10 for Serbia" and "Battle for the Babies"
In March 2012, we supported the campaign "10 for Serbia" and "Battle for the Babies". Both actions are successfully implemented. Action "10 for Serbia" is one of the biggest actions in the fight for student rights and reform of higher education.

Rector's Cup
Traditionally the most massive student sports competition at the University of Kragujevac, where students participate in seven sport disciplines. In this competition participated over 1000 students of the University of Kragujevac with all the faculties of the University of Kragujevac.
More information can be found here.

University sports league
Organized by the University Sports Federation every school year in order to assert the city and the University, its capacity of expansion, the socialization of student life and the expansion of the sport and competitive spirit and the continuation of sports and academic education.
More information can be found here.

11th European Universities Volleyball Championship
This competition, which was held from 12th to 17th of July, 2011, was attended by 16 men and 16 women teams or 650 students from different universities.
More information can be found here.

1st World University Basketball 3 on 3 Championship
First World University Championship in Basketball 3x3 was held in our city from 9th to 17th of July 2012. This unique event brought together 300 athletes and more than 150 officials from around the world.
More information can be found here and here.

2nd European Universities Championship in Basketball 3x3
It will be held from July 23rd to 26th, and it is one of the 19 European Champions that will be held this year under the auspices of the European University Sports Association (EUSA). This new sport discipline got in the program of the European championships in 2013, when the first European Championship was held in Rotterdam (Netherlands).
The honor of organizing the second championship went to Kragujevac, a town in the heart of Serbia known as one of the main carriers of 3x3 Basketball developments in this country, and several years after a very successful organization of the 1st World University Championship in Basketball 3x3. The location of this magnificent event will be the Great Park, a protected natural park of great importance to the local government, with a rich history, too.
The right to participate in the championship have all students from 17 to 30 (in the EUC 2015 may participate competitors born in the years 1985-1998), which will represent the country and the University of their origin. The number of teams (universities) is limited to 32 teams per category, and the maximum permissible number of teams per country is 4 (2 women and 2 men teams).
More information can be found here and here.