Verification of the documents

Procedure of the verification of the authenticity of documents issued by the University of Kragujevac


The verification of the documents (diplomas or certificates) issued by the University of Kragujevac and its member faculties is a procedure of certifying their authenticity.

In accordance with the University of Kragujevac Council's Decision (enclosed PDF document), the University charges a fee for performing a verification procedure. The amount charged, regardless whether it is paid by a natural or legal person, is 80 EUR. The payment should be made according to the enclosed payment instructions (enclosed PDF document).


Note: All bank transactions fees are at the expense of the person submitting the request and are not included in the verification fee. Please check the bank transaction fees prior to the payment, as to avoid them being deducted from the amount that needs to be covered for the verification procedure.


Each request must include the following documents:

  • Request form that needs to be filled in
  • Copy of the diploma/certificate that needs to be verified (in Serbian)
  • Proof of payment
  • Diploma/certificate holder's signed permission for the verification of his/her qualifications


Requests for the verification of the documents issued by the University of Kragujevac will be processed only if all the above mentioned documents have been enclosed and the verification fee has been paid.

The procedure of issuing the verification certificate takes at least 5 working days.


Documents can be sent to the following e-mail addresses:

or to the following address:

University of Kragujevac
Sector for general and legal affairs
Liceja Knezevine Srbije 1A
34000 Kragujevac
Republic of Serbia