Scienece and research

Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia 2021-2025 - Power of Knowledge
Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia (PDF)

In addition to education, research is the second important mission of the University of Kragujevac, implemented through fundamental, integrated, interdisciplinary, developmental and applied research schemes.

Research projects are funded by the Republic of Serbia Government, international research programs, or in cooperation with companies and communities.

Located in the central Serbian region, the University of Kragujevac and its member faculties cover the area populated by two million citizens. Thus, the University of Kragujevac is not only viewed as the major institution of higher education in this region, but also as a strong generator of innovation and economic development.

Recognizing the importance of the principles of European Charter for Researchers, the University of Kragujevac put all its efforts in aligning its research policies with the European standards in this field. Dedicated to fostering international cooperation in research and mobility of researches and to enhancing the careers of its researches, the University of Kragujevac adopted the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers as well as the Action Plan for Implementation.

After the thorough analysis and evaluation of the strategic documents submitted, the European Commission has granted the University of Kragujevac the HR Excellence in Research award at the beginning of 2017, which is a significant step for the University in terms of better positioning and ranking in the international context, improving the quality of work in the research sector and linking with the leading research organizations in Europe.

This research award will further motivate the University of Kragujevac to develop science, research and innovation on the basis of a competitive system that supports excellence in science and its relevance to economic development, competitiveness of Serbian economy and development of society as a whole. In that context, the University of Kragujevac support the Republic of Serbia Strategy on research and technological development for the period 2016-2020, as well as the establishment of an effective national research system integrated into the European Research Area which leans on the partnerships in the country and abroad, and which contributes to the economic growth, social and cultural progress, raising the standard of living and quality of life.