Research Units at the faculties

At the faculties, the scientific research is carried out within laboratories, institutes and centres. Their list is provided in this chapter based on publically available information:

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac


Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo

Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak

Faculty of Science in Kragujevac

Department of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Computer Laboratories (3)
Department of Biology and Ecology
  • Laboratory of Botany
  • Laboratory of Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology
  • Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Physiology
  • Laboratory of Animal Physiology
  • Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory for Experimental Ecological Invertebrate Research
  • Laboratory of General and Applied Entomology
  • Laboratory of Biochemistry
  • Laboratory of Microbiology
  • Laboratory of Mycology
Оrganizational units:

- Botanical Garden
- Center for Fishery and Conservation of Ground Water Biodiversity – AQUARIUM PMFKG
  • Hydrobiology and Water Protection Laboratory
  • Cryopreservation Laboratory
  • Laboratory for ex situ Conservation of Hydrobiota - Experimental Hatchery
  • Aquarium (educational and research collection of water living organisms)
- Centre for Preclinical Testing of Active Substances

Department of Physics
  • Radiation Physics and Radiation Protection Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Metrology
  • Computer Science Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Electronics
  • Laboratory of Astrophysics and Astronomy
  • Solid State Physics Laboratory
  • General Physics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Atomic and Subatomic Physics
  • Laboratory for Teaching Aids and Teaching Methodology
  • Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Optics
  • Laboratory of Physical Mechanics and Molecular Physics
Department of Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Bioorganic Experimental Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
  • Gas Chromatography Analysis Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Biochemistry
  • Laboratory for Organic Reaction Mechanisms
  • Organic Synthesis Laboratory
  • Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Natural Products Chemistry Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis
  • Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
  • Technology Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Quantitative and Qualitative Chemical Analysis
  • Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chair of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chair of Organic Chemistry
  • Chair of Analitical Chemistry
  • Chair of Biochemistry

Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac

  • Centre for molecular research
  • Centre for morphological research
  • Centre for functional research
  • Centre for clinical and epidemiological research

Faculty of Law in Kragujevac

Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac

Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak

  • Laboratory of Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
  • Laboratory of Instrumental Analyses
  • Laboratory of Seed Production
  • Laboratory of Microbiology
  • Laboratory of Biology
  • Laboratory of Soil Science
  • Laboratory of Soil Аmelioration and Fluids
  • Laboratory of Livestock Anatomy
  • Laboratory of Agricultural Machinery
  • Laboratory of Crop Protection
  • Laboratory of Chemical Technologies and Quality Control
  • Laboratory of Information Technologies