International cooperation

Department for International Cooperation is the University's largest administrative unit reflecting the institutional commitment to comprehensive internationalization process.

The Department provides strategic input for the development of institutional internationalization policy, but at the same time carries out the operational and administrative activities - provides information regarding the opportunities for international cooperation, coordinates and implements international programs in the field of mobility, research and education, offers support to the faculties in the preparation of project proposals and administration of projects, collects data and prepares applications for university ranking lists, coordinates signing and implementation of bilateral agreements, organizes information days and workshops, international conferences and meetings, as well as all other activities aimed at promoting the value of international cooperation among the University's students and staff.

Why is University of Kragujevac a perfect partner for you?


The University of Kragujevac invites you to join us in our journey towards excellence and innovation! The University opens its doors to potential cooperation partners with a diverse array of programs across arts, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, technological and technical sciences. With 12 faculties and 1 institute, our institution is a hub of knowledge and creativity.

Our extensive international engagement speaks volumes about our commitment to global collaboration. Having coordinated or participated in over 100 international projects funded by prestigious funding entities such as the European Union and various international organizations, we are dedicated to fostering partnerships that transcend boundaries. Our team of over 300 educators, researchers, and collaborators is eager to join hands with like-minded individuals and organizations to drive impactful initiatives forward.

Contact us at and join us at the University of Kragujevac as we continue to push the boundaries of research, innovation, and global cooperation. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.


Embark on a transformative journey of academic exploration and growth through mobility opportunities! Academic mobility opportunities at University of Kragujevac are open to higher education students, academic scholars, and both academic and non-academic staff, offering a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of international networking experience and education.

Whether you're pursuing a bachelor's, master's, PhD, or post-doctoral studies, student mobility programs beckon you to broaden your horizons by spending your mobility time at our University. Delve into Serbian culture, language, and academic perspectives as you enrich your educational experience and expand your global network.

Meanwhile, staff mobility invites academic and non-academic professionals to engage in teaching, training, or research endeavors at our institution.

Whether you're a student seeking to enhance your academic journey or a professional eager to broaden your horizons, you are welcome to reach us at Dobro došli!


Looking to expand horizons and foster global partnerships? The University of Kragujevac is a partner for you.

The University extends a warm invitation to collaborate and innovate with us. With a rich legacy of successful alliances with numerous esteemed higher education institutions worldwide, we're eager to embark on new ventures with you.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to internationalization, and we're thrilled to explore synergies across borders. Whether you're seeking research collaborations, student exchanges, or joint academic programs, we're ready to formalize our partnership through tailored cooperation agreements.

Reach out today at and let's unlock endless possibilities in education, research, and beyond.