Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

In line with principles defined in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment, the Senate of the University of Kragujevac adopted the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers in October 2016 including the set of accompanying documents:

1. Internal Analysis - Report on mapping the research human potential and issues at University of Kragujevac (PDF)

2. Action Plan for implementation (PDF)

3. Timetable for the realization of Action Plan activities (PDF)

Declaration of Commitment to the principles of the European Charter and Code (PDF)

As part of the adopted HR Strategy, the University defined and updated the procedures for the recruitment of researchers. The procedures are formulated as Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment (OTM-R) policy that includes the set of practical and useful tools and internal acts covering various aspects of recruitment of researchers.

Procedures for recruitment of researchers at the University of Kragujevac (OTM-R policy)

In its efforts to maintain the quality of working conditions and opportunities for researchers, the University has committed itself to continuous improvement of the OTM-R policy. The HRS4R Strategy was revised in September of 2020 and the accompanying Action Plan was updated accordingly.