Čačak is a city recognizable for its preserved architecture with elements of modern ways of building, but also for its preserved ambient in whole. It is one of the biggest cities in Serbia. The city of Čačak passed through several phases in its development. Each of these periods is characterized by rich monument heritage and tells about the life of the city in the course of multi century history.
Čačak is the city of sports with a big number of sports clubs. In the city and its vicinity there are numerous sports playgrounds and objects where sport-recreational activities can be organized. There is the river West Morava as well which attracts more and more visitors with its contents.
A few kilometers away from Čačak there are spas, villages, and monasteries, cultural and historical monuments. A very beautiful nature of Ovčar-Kablar gorge, lakes and meanders of the West Morava, rich flora and fauna are reasons, if you are staying in Čačak, for making excursions to see these interesting places.

Many cultural events are organized on the territory of the city and its vicinity: “Dis Spring”, “Nadežda Petrović Memorial”, “Biennale of Visual Arts of the Balkans”, “Days of Photography in Serbia”. Contest of Flute Players is organized in the village Prislonica near Čačak; a competition of the best flute players in Serbia is a manifestation which cherishes tradition and native folk creativity.
There are numerous restaurants in the city and it is one of characteristics of very versatile tourist offer. Many open air cafes in the city and on the banks of the river West Morava attract many visitors who wish to spend pleasant moments with families and friends. Delicious specialties of Serbian cuisine are on the menu of Čačak’s restaurants. Impressions of domestic guests and guests from abroad are enough to attract new visitors to taste famous specialties of Čačak region.
Valuable monument heritage and natural beauties in the neighborhood of the city make Čačak a recognizable tourist destination in Serbia. Culture and turbulent history of the town are preserved in traces of civilizations which used to inhabit this city and its vicinity.

- Cultural Center Čačak
- City library “Vladislav Petković Dis”
- Regional Historical Archive
- The National Museum
- Art Gallery “Nadežda Petrović”

Art Gallery “Risim”- The Gallery “Risim” is a constituent part of art gallery “Nadežda Petrović” and presents a legate of the family Risimović. There is a permanent exhibition of Bogić Risimović- Risim paintings, who was a painter, poet and story teller, born on 14th March, 1926 in Čačak.

Two faculties, that are part of the University of Kragujevac, are located in Čačak:

  • Faculty of Agronomy
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences

Ovčar-Kablar gorge is an interesting region with numerous attractions and cultural-historical monuments. Meanders of the West Morava attract attention as well as caves, versatile and rich flora and fauna, lakes and mountains Ovčar and Kablar. Monasteries in Ovčar-Kablar gorge date back the middle ages and have been attracting attention of researchers, artists, believers and lovers of historical and artistic values. Due to their long existence throughout the time they are unique feature of our cultural and artistic heritage created in centuries. On the slopes of Ovčar there are monasteries Vavedenje, Vaznesenje, Preobraženje, Sretenje, Sv. Trojica, and on the slopes of Kablar there are Jovanje, Uspenje, Nikolje, Blagoveštenje and Ilinje.

By marked walking paths, through very beautiful countryside you can reach monasteries where you will find spiritual peace and enjoy the view of the nature, wooded mountains, the river West Morava and city of Čačak in distance. For many, this is the most beautiful view in Serbia.
Touristic organization of Čačak organizes excursions to all these attractive places in Ovčar-Kablar gorge. Organized groups and individuals led by tourist guides can visit monasteries, enjoy natural attractions, together with the sound of water and bird's songs can spend a day or two in one of the most impressive gorges in Serbia.

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