Kraljevo is located in the middle part of Central Serbia, in Raška District. In times of the Roman Empire the wider location of Kraljevo was part of the “Dubrovnik road” - a trade connection on the Dubrovnik - Constantinople way. This place was mentioned for the first time as Rudo polje in 1476 in the oldest Turkish cadaster listing. In 1560, it gets the name of Karanovac, and acquires the attribute of the “King's Town” in 1882 with the entrance of King Milan Obrenović.

There is no reliable data on the beginning of organized activity of tourism in the area of the city of Kraljevo. However, it is known for sure that natural beauties and cultural heritage of this area has impressed many visitors since long time ago.

Kraljevo boasts with beauties of its cultural-historic heritage from the earliest period of Serbian medieval culture and literacy and with wealth of natural beauties and scenery.

Today's appearance of Kraljevo is unique in comparison to other Serbian towns. What makes it special is the urban plan made in the beginning of the 19th century - main (round) square with parallel streets, with another two gravitating it.

With its beauties, Kraljevo and its surrounding area represent just the place for rest and enjoyment.

Significant tourism potentials

Cultural monuments from different periods, of which most significant are:

  • Studenica and Žiča monasteries
  • Maglić Fortress
  • Thermal and thermo-mineral springs (Mataruška and Bogutovačka Spas)
  • Mountains (Goč and Stolovi)
  • Rivers (Ibar and Morava)
  • Proximity of tourist centers such as Vrnjačka Spa and Mt. Kopaonik
  • Good traffic connection

Whether you are a lover of nature and rivers, sports and relaxation, culture and tradition, or good music and food, you will find just a place for you on the territory of the city of Kraljevo.

City of rich cultural life where many cultural events take place all year round:

  • Lilac Days
  • Visiting Narcissi
  • Silver Caldron
  • Auto-motor races Award of Kraljevo scored for the state championship
  • Happy Regatta with rafts and boats down the river Ibar
  • and many other popular events.

Today, Kraljevo is a significant cultural, educational and tourist center.

Elementary school has existed since the end of the 18th century. Agricultural School, the first secondary school, was opened in 1882. In the beginning of the 20th century, the trading school and the gymnasium were opened. In the Thirties, professional secondary schools were also opened, which there were more and various after the Second World War. In 1970, the Center for extramural mechanical studies, which later grew into the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering within the University of Kragujevac, was opened in Kraljevo.

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