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Center for Serbian as a Foreign Language is a separate organizational unit within the Department of Philology at the Faculty of Philology and Arts of the University of Kragujevac.

The Center is established with the aim of:

  • Promoting Serbian language and culture;
  • Improvement of the professional and scientific knowledge about teaching Serbian as a foreign language;
  • Internationalization of the Faculty of Philology and Arts and the University of Kragujevac trough development of institutional conditions for attracting more foreign students and teachers

The Centre provides the following services:

  • Individual and group courses of Serbian as a foreign language at all levels (4ECTS);
  • Certification of proficiency in Serbian as a foreign language;
  • Organization of summer schools of Serbian language and culture;
  • Preparation of teaching materials and textbooks Serbian as a foreign language;
  • The organization of seminars and scientific conferences in the field of studying Serbian as a foreign language.

More information about the Center for Serbian as a Foreign Language can be found HERE.

Your 0 - Serbian lesson

Serbian orthography is very consistent: one letter per sound or write as you speak and read as it is written, according to the principle used by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić when reforming the Cyrillic orthography of Serbian in the 19th century.
This simple rule will help you read street names and nameplates around the city, and it will be handy in everyday situations, especially in communication with local people.

Two alphabets are used in Serbian language: the Cyrillic alphabet is in official use and Latin alphabet is almost equal in use.

List of most common words and phrases

If you would like to learn additional words and phrases, as well as lessons for absolute beginners, follow this links:
- The Travel Club - Serbian travel phrases
- Srpski Bre! - Serbian lessons for absolute beginners

With the increasing number of mobility programs offered to the University of Kragujevac students, the University’s Department of International Cooperation organized in 2012 the first free English language course for its students. The aim of the course was to improve English language skills of the University of Kragujevac students intended to participate in mobility and internship programs. The course was a huge success and the University continued to organize them ever since for B1 and B2 levels. Since 2014, another foreign language course has been organized (Greek, Italian, German, etc.) depending on the current students’ demand. At the beginning of each academic year University publishes a call, runs a placement test and organizes teaching groups. At the end of the course, students receive a Certificate on completed course.

Although free English language courses are primarily designed for outgoing students, the incoming students who wish to enhance their English language skills are also welcome to attend them free of charge.

In 2016, within a framework of the Tempus project FUSE - "Fostering university support services and procedures for full participation in EHEA", the University of Kragujevac organized an English language course for the academic staff giving lectures to foreign students, for which a tutorial was recorded: Teaching university course in English.

For further information, please contact the Department of International Relations on: