Manifestations in Kragujevac

City of Kragujevac is the host and sponsor of many events that take place during the year.

Among the cultural events that have special importance, are:

"Joakim Fest"

Festival of the best theatre plays written by local Serbian authors. The festival is a competition and is held every year on 7 to 15 May, on the stage of Knjazevsko-srpski Theater, which is also the organizer.

“Joakim Inter Fest”

International Small Scene Theatre Festival. The festival was founded in 2006 and it’s the youngest theater festival in the city. It takes place from 7 to 15 October each year on the scene of Knjaževsko-srpski Theater, which is also the organizer.

Theatre meetings of the high school students of Serbia

The festival is a creation of the young gymnasts affirmed in the field of dramatic arts from all over Serbia. The hosts are students of the first Grammar school in Kragujevac and their teachers and parents. It started in 1997. It is held in the second half of April and lasts for ten days. The organizer is the First Grammar School in Kragujevac.

"Golden spark"

International Puppet Festival, founded in 1999. It represents a unique Puppet Festival in Serbia, and it is recognized in the European framework. Held in the Children's Theatre, in mid-May and lasts seven days. The organizer is the Children's Theatre.

"The big lesson"

Held on 21st October in memory of the terrible crime of shooting the 1941.

The commemorative ceremony is held since 1971 near the Monument to the executed students and professors. For this musical stage event, the works of the renowned domestic and foreign writers with a pacifist message are selected. The organizer is the memorial park "Kragujevac’s October".

"October hododarje" OKTOH

Traditional chamber music festival dedicated to Kragujevac October, held since 1975. Young artists from home and abroad performing works of prominent composers. It is held during the month of October, in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium and lasts for several weeks. The organizer is the memorial park "Kragujevac’s October".

International Anti-war Salon of Caricature

The exhibition is organized biennially and is the last 28 years. The call is addressed to cartoonists around the world. Held on 20 October of each odd-numbered year, beginning at 18 am in the Gallery of the National Museum as a part of Kragujevac’s October ceremonies. After the presentation in Kragujevac exhibition continues its anti-war mission around the world.

KRAF - Kragujevac Festival of Anti-war and Engaged film

Traditional film event, founded in 2007. Held as part of Kragujevac’s October ceremonies from 20th to 30th October. The wish of the organizer is that the message of peace of Kragujevac’s October expands through new art forms. During the festival days, a number of films from around the world are shown, most recent productions, who participated and received awards at international film festivals.

The organizer is NGO Millennium Kragujevac.

International Festival of Chamber Choirs

Established in 1996 and is held biennially. International Choirs Concerts are held in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium in front of the hall and courthouse. In addition to concerts in Kragujevac, concert performances are held in other cities in Serbia. Promoted by the Academic Chamber Choir "Liceum".

International Accordion Festival

Event with long tradition, since 1989. It takes place from 4th to 14th July each year, in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. Participants of this event are the winners of the world's largest and most prestigious competitions in the accordion. The organizer of the music school "dr Miloje Milojević"

Bogojavljenje swimming for "Cross of Honor"

The traditional event, held January 19th at Lake Šumarice. Promoted by "Svebor" and helped organize by the City Tourism Organization "Kragujevac".

City Day

City Day is celebrated 6th May at St. George's, because that day in 1818 Kragujevac was proclaimed the capital. In those days, in honor of this important date in the history of the city, a number of celebrations are organized: exhibitions, concerts, literary events and fireworks. Promoted by the City Council.

Kids Carnival

Held in the City Day celebration. Carnival Parade of preschool and school children, dance schools, sports organizations moves through the central city streets to the stage where the rich scenic program and the selection of the best mask take place. Promoted by the City Tourism Organization "Kragujevac".

Exhibition of birds and small pets

It is held the first weekend in November in the hall Sokolana, working in the Old Colony. The organizer is the Association of small animal lovers.

"Fica fest"

It represents the traditional gathering of owners and Fića fans from the former Yugoslavia. Held since 2005, in mid-October every year. The organizer is the Club of Fića lovers.