Sports and parks


The city's sporting life begun by introducing the gymnastics at the First Grammar School, and very soon after several sports clubs were founded. More than one hundred and thirty sports clubs cover twenty four kinds of sport (football, athletics, volleyball, handball, boxing, chess, wrestling, archery, American football), which indicates that various sports activities take place here.

The organization of diverse regional, national and international sports events has been entrusted to the city. The City's sports and recreational facilities are placed on two locations in attractive surroundings: as part of the Great City Park and the Šumarice Memorial Park (City Stadium “Čika Dača”, City Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Sports and Recreation Center ”Jezero”), and the second complex by the lake “Bubanj” (Sports Arena “Jezero” with the outdoor court).

Outdoor swimming pools complex

It contains swimming pool for children, swimming pool for non-swimmers, Olympic pool and diving pool.
The swimming season begins on Sunday, June 16th.

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool in Kragujevac is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Kragujevac, only meters away from the outdoor swimming pools complex, a park, not far from Šumarice on one side and downtown on the other.

Lake Šumarice

Lake Šumarice is something that definitely stands out as a specialty, tucked in the forest environment, gives an opportunity to rest on the beach, so visitors can spend their relaxation time with maximum pleasure.
Besides the beach, there is also a jogging track along the entire lake, rafts for swimmers, and a buffet that works during the swimming season, as well as additional recreation activities for visitors such as motor and pedal boats.

“Gordana Goca Bogojević” Hall

Hall area of 1212.80 m2 is suitable for sports such as basketball and volleyball.

Sports hall “Jezero”

Sports hall “Jezero” is a multi-purpose sports hall. It meets all the requirements and criteria for holding competitions in basketball, handball, volleyball, football, and gymnastics. The auditorium has a capacity of 3500 seats. Hall also includes modern changing rooms, gym and sauna.

City Stadium “Čika Dača”

Sports surface of the main football field dimensions are 105 x 68 meters, the stadium's capacity is around 10.000 seats. The stadium has four extra quality grass courts, ancillary facilities for football activities (dressing rooms, a clinic, police station, sanitary facilities). Athletic tartan track was built in 1997, and is one of the most representative one in Serbia (6 trails, high jumping and long jumping, shot put, discus and hammer throw, discus javelin)

Kole Petrol Balloon Hall

Sports center “Kole sport” is the ideal place for fun and socializing. Balloon hall for football provides excellent conditions for recreational soccer. The balloon hall has a high quality turf and modern dressing rooms and bathrooms. Tournaments, such as the MINI MAXI league for children, are organized often.

Sport center Olimp

Soccer - Tennis club.
Balloon hall for football with artificial grass- an open field for football with artificial turf, locker rooms with showers and equipment.
Tennis courts - 2 clay courts (closed in winter, open in summer) and one indoor tennis court with artificial grass.

Tennis club Puma

The summer season runs from 1 May to 31 October, and the winter season runs from 1 November to 30 April.

and many others…


The Big or Upper Park

The most favorite place for walk of Kragujevac’s citizens of all ages. It was formed in 1898 and on its 110th birthday it was completely renewed. More than 10 hectares of verdure, thick treetops of the 100 years old trees, renewed foot-paths, and new benches make a perfect place for pastime, walk and relaxation. In the center of the park, there is a monument “Wounded soldier”.

The Small Park

In front of the Market place, in the central part of “The circle of Prince Miloš” complex, the Small Park is placed. It is a small area arranged with flower alleys and footpaths. In the center of the park, the Monument to fallen Šumadia warriors in wars from 1804 to 1918 is erected.

Eco-park “Ilina voda”

Park “Ilina Voda” (“Ilina’s Water”) is a legacy of Svetozar Andrejević. On his will, the park was eternally left to the citizens of then-borough. During the last years, with a volunteer work of the citizens, the members of Eco-park association, this ambiance has been converted into a real small oasis. In 17.5 hectares there are benches, swings, teeters and basketball and football playgrounds. The fountain with a 3.5 m high waterfall is built and 5 small lakes all bound together with a 90 m long stream. There is also a mini zoo with 100 species of small animals and its enlargement is planned. Curiosity of the park presents the biggest sculpture of Easter egg in Europe and second in the World, over 3 m high.

Lake Bubanj Park

There are only few cities in the World that have a lake in their centers alone. Lake Bubanj is only one kilometer away from the strict city center and it’s suited at the entrance of the city, from the direction of Batočina. The lake outspreads on 10 000 km² and its average depth is about 1.5 m. It is an ideal spot for a pastime or walk by the water. Around the lake, in natural ambiance, the benches are set and there is also a restaurant with beautiful garden.

Memorial Park Šumarice

In 21st October 1941 the tragedy struck in Kragujevac. Thousands of its inhabitants, men, women and children were shot in Sumarice. The motive for the shooting was German losses in fighting with the Chetniks and Partizans units on the road Kragujevac-Gornji Milanovac. In memory of the victims of shootings, the entire space of Šumarice in 1953 turned into a memorial park “Kragujevac October”. In this area there are 30 mass graves, ten of which shaped the artistic monuments. Memorial Park is a circular tour through about seven kilometers long. At the entrance to the memorial park, the imposing building of the Museum “21st October” is built, whose architecture emphasizes the symbolism of Kragujevac’s tragedy. Besides being the memorial park and keeping the memory of shooting victims, Šumarice is the favorite promenade of Kragujevac’s citizens and their guests, landscaped park with spaces for walking, rest and recreation.

Adventure park

Adventure park is located on the Šumarice lake, on 800m2 of pine forest, just above the lake shore and the beach. In the park you can find hanging bridges without handrails, hanging barrels, zip line, climbing walls with holes, cobbles with ropes, and visitors can walk on blocks with obstacles, go through hoops and thus check their physical abilities, coordination of movement, as well as endurance and ability to overcome obstacles.