Support to students with disability

University of Kragujevac Department of International Relations offers special support to students with disability. appointing a mentor to advise them on all opportunities reserved for SwD related to career, internship, mobility and other possibilities. The mentor is a career officer from the Center of career development and students counselling assisting SwD through a special web tool designed to account for special requirements needed by employers and students with disabilities to identify their interests and educational needs.

Although this web tool is design primarily to be used by Serbian students with disability, it can also be used by foreign students since it comprises a large data basis of the companies willing to accept SwD for internship mobility programs.

As for academic mobility, University of Kragujevac faculties have partial infrastructure to support students and staff with disabilities. Whether a student or staff with disability will be accepted for an academic mobility depends on extra services demanded from/available at the University of Kragujevac respective faculty.

For further information, please contact: